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Southwest Pool Management sets the industry standard for professional care and maintenance of your pool facility. No other company has the full-time adult staff, and full knowledge of Texas State Health Department Chapter 265 Regulations and the Virginia Graeme Baker act to keep every pool in excellent condition, and minimize liability from non-compliance with the law.

Complete service includes the following:

  • Maintain all chemical levels with state, county, and city health requirements
  • Maintain proper water levels
  • Backwash and vacuum as needed
  • Check all motors, pumps, and skimmer baskets regularly
  • Brush walls and clean decks as needed
  • Empty trash containers and place on curb for picking up on designated days
  • Clean restrooms during swim season  
  • Maintain guard room and pump room
  • Provide janitorial supplies
  • Superchlorinate the pool each week (on the day it is closed) for the comfort and safety of swimmers
  • Respond to any emergency 24 hours a day
  • Contact the appropriate party to report and problems that occurs or can be foreseen


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