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Southwest Pool Management has a full staff of in-house technicians with years of experience to perform repairs and maintenance quickly and efficiently. We also provide, at no cost to the customer, a comprehensive program of weekly and quarterly preventative maintenance to maximize the service life of all equipment.

The repairs services we offer consist of the following:

  • Minor repairs usually done immediately
  • Most major repairs done within 24 hours of approval
  • Installation of all types of filtration systems
  • Inventory of all motors and parts
  • High quality leak detection
  • Complete pool renovation from coping to tile replacement to replastering and concrete work
  • All pool-related electrical work


Preventative maintenance consists of the following:

  • Inspect all motor components quarterly and lubricate if possible
  • Inspect push pull, multiport, gate, butterfly, and ball valves monthly and lubricate if possible
  • Inspect air bleeder valves and pressure gauges weekly
  • Inspect O-rings and gaskets quarterly
  • Check filter sand levels quarterly and do yearly core sample of sand to check for calcification
  • Provide, maintain, repair, and replace chemical feeders as needed
  • Wherever possible, blow out lines or trickle water when freezing weather is likely
  • Inspect grounds and buildings for vandalism or damage, and report to customer



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